The Nocturne Diaries

The Nocturne Diaries

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Grammy-nominated for Best Folk Album in 2015 - 

“Whether she looks into darkness or light, Eliza Gilkyson’s vision is impressive, and she’s given us another remarkable glimpse at her gifts as a vocalist and songwriter on The Nocturne Diaries. Gilkyson’s son Cisco Ryder produced the sessions for the new record, and he’s come up with a set of backdrops that are vivid and richly textured without taking the stage away from the lead singer, and this is different but just as effective as their previous album together, Roses at the End of Time.” [Excerpted from the iTunes review]

CD signed by Eliza.


Track List

  1. Midnight Oil
  2. Eliza Jane
  3. No Tomorrow
  4. An American Boy
  5. Where No Monument Stands
  6. The Ark
  7. Fast Freight
  8. The Red Rose and the Thorn
  9. Not My Home
  10. Touchstone
  11. World Without End
  12. All Right Here