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 Home, this new cd from Eliza Gilkyson, co-produced with multi-instrumentalist /producer Don Richmond, features a wide range of songs that reflect her appreciation for family, home and hearth in a time when those things have become essential to maintain sanity and decency. Cameos include a gorgeous duet with Robert Earl Keen (‘How Deep”) that asks some of life’s important questions, and a sweet duet with longtime friend Mary Chapin Carpenter on the appreciation a songwriter feels for fans and friends who inspire the songs into being. Standout tracks include the upbeat  and hopeful “World Keeps on Singing”, the stripped down love song “Witness” featuring her brother Tony Gilkyson (X, Lone Justice, Chuck E. Weiss) on soulful electric guitar, the Ukrainian mother’s wish for normalcy and safety in the harmony-laden “Sunflowers”, the Americana title track “Home”, written by Karla Bonoff, the gospel tinged “Safety Zone”, and the epic storytelling ballad about her hit-songwriting father,Terry Gilkyson, featuring snippets of her dad’s songs played by the Rifters, a folk band from the southwest, and longtime family friend Van Dyke Parks, who as a teenager played in an early incarnation of her dad’s band “The Easy Riders”.

The pandemic changed our lives and our world forever, illuminating the sanctity of home and hearth, of trusted friendships and family, and a new deeper appreciation for the many little blessings we may have taken for granted before this cataclysmic shift occurred. It has been a time of terrible loss and insecurity about the future, as well as one of newfound resolve, connection and commitment. These songs were born out of all these conflicting forces coming into play while trying to find the balance. - Eliza

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1 True North 4:17 
2 World Keeps on Singing 4:37
3 How Deep 3:20 
4 Sunflowers 3:57 
5 Safety Zone 4:20 
6 Witness 6:20
7 Here Comes the Night 3:07 
8 Man in the Bottle 6:38 
9 Sparrow  3:30 
10 Home 3:59